We want to thank all of the creative minds and recognize the masterful skill that contributed to the design and development of this website. In particular we want to recognize both Popkitchen and ModoDesign Group.

We set out two years ago to create a site that would capture our past experience, describe our current work, reflect our design values, and become a venue to share a design philosophy. Our vision for this site was complex and we wanted it to be a vehicle for open-ended exploration of the Inclusive Design Process. This is just the beginning...

Take a minute to look at the ever evolving "Think About This," a compendium of inclusive concepts. We will be sharing our thoughts and experience there through a glossary-like list of terms and definitions. We will also collect and share your responses and, through collaborative dialog, refine each definition. We share them here to be used by anyone as committed to the discipline, practice and evolution of Inclusive Design as we are. Please feel free to join the conversation.

Located in the utility bar on every page, you have the ability to choose your viewing preference including a larger text size layout, an alternate color combination or a vertical text only format.

The three color combinations available by toggling "Contrast" were composed considering a range of background colors, contrast needed for visitors who may be color blind, and our aesthetic...we are designers after all.

"Text Size" is a quick key toggle to enlarge the text within the site's design. Additional means for enlarging the text are available though your web browser and operating system preferences.

Enjoy, and thank you for visiting our website!

~ Inclusion By Design Team