Development by Design

Our friends committed to inclusion!

A child’s job is to play. However, there are millions of children who do not have the option of toys that are designed with their needs and abilities in mind.

Development by Design is changing that.  DbD uses Universal Design principles to create toys and games that all children can engage in, learn from and, most importantly, have fun!!

One out of every five kids in the US is currently diagnosed with a disability, and one out of every 100 kids has Autism.  DbD toys are not age specific, but skill specific, making them perfect for all kids. Our unique icon system, which describes the skills a particular toy is designed to develop, makes choosing the perfect toy simple.

DbD toys aid in the development of cognitive, motor, emotional and social skills by targeting forty skills in ten distinct areas of development. Developed with a pediatric occupational therapist, DbD toys allow kids, with or without special needs, the opportunity to develop new skills and have fun just being kids.

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