Residential Design & Consulting

Our Expertise:     Understanding how design impacts usability, particularly with the needs and lifestyles of persons with disabilities, elders and persons with chronic conditions, coupled with our background and experience in residential design is our strength.

Our Approach:     An addition to or renovation or new construction of your home is an opportunity to reflect your values, taste and lifestyle. We approach each home as unique, without preconception, and as a fresh slate. Thoughtful site planning and massing studies allow us to capitalize on the unique characteristics of your property, including views, topography, sun orientation and adjacencies. We pride ourselves on working closely with you, the client, to plan wisely by presenting two or more workable design options. We then run each option through a series of  ‘use’ scenarios. This planning process enables you to imagine how a space or product will perform, which in-turn maximizes opportunities for practical high-impact design solutions, lessens surprises and ensures that the final design meets your family’s expectations.

We enjoy creative use of traditional building materials and exploration of new materials. We support environmentally responsible building practices and promote social sustainability through Human Centered Design.

Our Tools:     We take time to get to know your family, your lifestyle choices, core values, current needs and future dreams. We have developed customizable tools to collect and absorb pertinent information which will inform all phases of your project. At each phase of planning and design, we use a variety of mediums to clearly communicate design concepts and options. Early in the process we use a combination of hand sketches, schematic modeling, and computer drafting. Final designs are detailed, professionally engineered and gathered in a set of Construction Documents to clearly communicate design intent and construction specification.

Your Budget:     While developing your project outline and schedule, we can incorporate a cost estimating exercise. It is our experience that cost estimating prior to completion of design will assist in decision making and set realistic expectations. Cost estimating prior to final pricing also provides an opportunity to engage potential general contractors, and allows us to get a sense of the contractor’s level of interest in your project.


Residential Consulting and Design Services include:

  • Individualized Evaluation and Needs Assessment
  • Schematic Planning
  • Master Planning
  • Full Design and Construction Management


Client List:

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    Oliver Residence

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