Case Study: Grace Living Center

Jenks, OK

Intergenerational Living and Learning

Intergenerational Living and Learning (ILL) was a year long case study focused on the importance of the aging population, quality of life, and the widening disconnect between younger and older populations. ILL combined the energy and resources of elder care facilities with the curriculum of early childhood education to create opportunities for elders to engage in meaningful personal experiences and develop reciprocal relationships with children ages 4-6.

The case study included comprehensive investigation, documentation, and analysis of intergenerational environments (architecture, interior design, & program), group interaction, and personal interaction. Considering the needs of each generation, ILL identified opportunities to optimize and positively affect the children’s and seniors’ individual experience and potential exchange by providing means of introduction, acknowledging and embracing abilities and limitations, creating an accessible and inclusive environment, and enabling and empowering individuals.

Participants & Resources:
Grace Living Center, Jenks, OK; Jenks Independent School District, Jenks, OK; Heritage at Cleveland Circle, Brighton, MA; Susan Rappaport, Epoch Assisted Living, Providence, RI; Fruit Hill Day Services for Elderly, North Providence, RI; Pam Larson, Franklin Square House Day Care, Boston, MA; Fox Point Senior Center, Providence, RI; Joan Dagastino, Department of Elderly Affairs, Providence, RI.