Providence, Rhode Island, November 3--Inclusion By Design LLC, a Providence headquartered Universal design and consulting firm, with a studio office in Houston, has launched an educational initiative for Occupational Therapists [OTs]. "We recognize the pivotal role that Occupational Therapists play in assisting patients to live independent and satisfying lives," said Rosanne Ramos, owner and principal. "Because Inclusion by Design is passionate about these same goals, it just makes sense to share our mission with and engage the OT community, in order to create partnerships that provide even more effective rehabilitative resources."

Inclusion by Design understands the process of designing and building comfort, function and safety into a property, as well as the importance of maintaining the aesthetic that makes a property a home. Their expertise seamlessly integrates up-to-date building techniques and appropriate assistive technologies into a residence, without compromising style and taste. Examples of this attention to detail is reflected in the client list photo gallery of completed projects: <>

About Inclusion by Design LLC:

Inclusion by Design LLC strives to understand the individual experience, in order to effectively design built environments, products, systems and graphic communications for the specialized needs and lifestyles of persons of all ages and abilities. The company supplements their extensive interdisciplinary skill set with a compassionate approach to Universal design, to most effectively meet clients' needs and seamlessly integrate building techniques and assistive technologies, on a continued quest to advance social equality.