Building A Destination for All, USVI

This 15-minute documentary is an introduction to accessible/inclusive tourism – highlighting the need and growing market for understanding and accommodating travelers with disabilities and an aging population.

Universal Design and Consulting Firm Launches Educational Initiative for Occupational Therapists

PRESS RELEASE Providence, Rhode Island, November 3 Inclusion By Design LLC, a Providence headquartered Universal design and consulting firm, with a studio office in Houston, has launched an educational initiative for Occupational Therapists [OTs].

Designing Inclusion

Design For All Institute of India, Article by Inclusion by Design

Taking Accessiblity Down to the Community Level

When it’s completed, Southside Community Land Trust’s main office will have an accessible entryway linked to a new deck and a ramp leading down to 10 community garden plots.

For a Day, Officials Take on a New 'Roll'

Committee members said they hoped that giving city officials, business leaders and others a chance to experience the city from the point of view of a person with a disability would improve their understanding of how much remains to be done to achieve accessibility for everyone.


Main Street: A Bridge to the Future in a Tree

Providence Business News, article by Justin Sayles As co-founders of Providence-based Multi Design for People LLC, Darula and Ramos offer clients a multidisciplinary approach that includes architectural, product and graphic design.

AARP Bulletin Board: For Disabled Travelers, It's The First Resort

When Stanely Selengut started losing his vision to macular degeneration three years ago, he began thinking about how his ecologically oriented resorts in the U.S. Virgin Islands could better accommodate people with disabilities.

Travel Section: Lowering the Barriers for Disabled Travelers

The bigger problem for disabled travelers is what happens after they arrive. When it comes to infrastructure -- including sidewalks, streets, and access to public buildings and landmarks -- the Caribbean has a very long way to go.

Speakers Say Improved Accessibility Would Provide Economic Benefit

Improve accessibility for disabled visitors because it's the right thing to do, but also because it will provide a big economic benefit, said several speakers Friday as the Building a Destination for All 2005 symposium on St. John wrapped up with a panel discussion at Maho Bay Camps. Eric Lipp,...

Making St. John Accessible to Disabled Travelers Will be Focus of Panel

As part of an islandwide initiative to make St. John a prime destination for travelers with disabilities, the public is invited to attend a panel discussion titled "Building a Destination for All 2005."