Faith & Hope Baptist Church

Providence, RI

Plan for Accessibility

Community mission Faith & Hope Baptist Church sought a cost effective solution to accommodate it’s congregation who could greatly benefit from accessibility. IBD created 3 strategies for exterior access to the Sanctuary and community services/program areas, aiming for a solution to negotiate pathways from the parking lot and street sidewalk to the split level floors. Interior strategies for access support the community outreach activities and inclusive worship opportunities central to Faith + Hope’s mission.

Each strategy was evaluated on potential for securing donations, ease of construction, ease of access, and overall cost.  Cost estimating was provided pro bono by Steven T. Haun Inc.

The chosen strategy, under the direction of Pastor John Slaige, blended sloped accessible routes to the Front Entry and Lower Level Entry, in combination with a new platform lift from the entry vestibule to the Sanctuary Level. In addition to strategy planning