Business Innovation Factory

Providence, RI

Nursing Home of the Future: Medicine Management

Rosanne Ramos directed design lab activities for The Business Innovation Factory’s Elder Experience Lab, Nursing Home of the Future (NHoF) Phase II - an ongoing initiative to understand and improve elder experience through collaboration and experimentation.

Activity in 2009 included an eight-week focus on Medication Management, understanding the day-to-day experience of elders managing their medications. The NHoF team conducted research with elders residing in assistive living and skilled nursing home environments, and with their caregivers. Engagement included focus groups, staff interviews, elder interviews, direct observation, and a design workshop with elders in assistive living. Secondary research included an evaluation of regulations, common practices, trends, and commentary surrounding the needs of elders and caregivers as regards medication management.

The lab explored elder attitudes and behaviors associated with receiving, storing, taking, and tracking their medications. The objective of this work was to identify opportunities where intervention and re-design can improve medication management and deliver a better experience to all elders.

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