Residential Additions & Renovations

Warren, RI

McNally Residence

Inclusion By Design provided lifestyle evaluation, design services, Assistive Technology (AT) product consultation and construction administration for this residential renovation/addition with a need to accommodate the active lifestyle of a newly wed couple experiencing a sudden change in needs due to a recent injury.

The design focused on maximizing wheelchair access and integrating AT into an existing single story home elevated 24” above grade. Existing site grades and home floor level changes were renegotiated to provide an accessible landscape comprised of gently sloped pathways, a Zen garden entry courtyard, and 350 sq. ft. of decks adjacent to sleeping and living spaces, avoiding unneccessary ramping or mechanical lift equipment. The accessible entry and living space includes the addition of a 450 SF Master Suite with roll-in shower and lavatory. The design maximizes accessible living space by tailoring clearances and features to the client’s needs and lifestyle.  Custom shoji-style doors provide visual separation and filter daylight between sleeping and grooming spaces.  Assistive technology systems include a wheelchair charging station, a lift & care system, and an environmental control unit with voice-activation of its many functions. An integrated, elevated landing in the Garage provides an accessible van landing and platform, and a second lift and care system provides access to the client’s beloved Mini-Cooper.