Residential Additions & Renovations

Cumberland, RI

Kelly / Matta Residence

This home renovation maximizes environmental assets – natural light and pleasant views across Cumberland’s Abbot Run Pond – while responding to the client’s interest in universal design principles and seasonal use of interior and exterior spaces. Tailored to the client’s lifestyle and desires, the plan reorients family areas along a core of circulation and outdoor views. 

Family and entertaining areas are opened up and repurposed for modern living. A new 200 SF kitchen, now flanked by the dining room and breakfast area, provides cooking, storage, and clean-up areas suited to each member of the family. A secondary entrance in the existing sunroom, long used as the family’s primary entry into the house, is now designed as such.  Transitions between the renovated area and adjacent spaces, including the previously underused living room, receive special attention to balance original architectural detailing with new finishes.