Providence Place Mall Parking Garage

Providence, RI

Understanding the Garage Experience

When the Providence Place Mall Parking Garage (PPG) first opened in 1999, it quickly earned a reputation as a frustrating and potentially dangerous space for both pedestrians and drivers.
Needing an effective plan of action, the Providence Place Mall Garage engaged the services of LOCAL Architecture Research Design (LOCAL) partnered with Multi Design for People and VHB Traffic Engineers (VHB). The expert team’s comprehensive evaluation and needs assessment of the garage visitor experience identified both tangible and intangible factors that affected patrons. As the themes of Time, Comfort, and Safety emerged, the team identified opportunities for improvement and outlined strategies for planning and redesign.

A range of proposed solutions and strategies were evaluated for potential impact in improved customer experience, cost, and feasibility. Elements included improved signage, visitor-centric messaging, a new pay and exit procedure, and coherent, uniform navigation and wayfinding components. Proposed pedestrian spines, clearly defined safe pathways of travel, and consistent messaging would provide clarity of traffic patterns and mitigate the potential for pedestrian /vehicle accidents.