Cornerstone School

Cranston, RI

Full Sensory Garden

A Garden of Our Own will be an oasis for all, stimulating senses and cultivating discovery. This outdoor space will provide students with an accessible experience designed to enhance sensory stimulation and promote physical relaxation. Texture, color, smell, sound, temperature, shape, movement, life and opportunity will fill the 1,875 square foot space tucked between Cornerstone’s main and classroom buildings. The site’s mix of sunlight, shade, and breezes will be enhanced by accessibly designed features, sensory experiences, and beautiful plantings.

Cornerstone School is committed to providing their students with a multitude of experiences designed to celebrate childhood. Cornerstone Students have differing abilities. Many use wheelchairs or other assistive equipment in their daily lives; some are visually impaired, while others have difficulty hearing. The goal of the sensory garden is to eliminate the barriers that stand in the way of outdoor education and enjoyment for our students. For ten years, Cornerstone's dream has been to design and build a full-sensory garden to provide an outdoor environment for all to enjoy, regardless of ability. Inclusion By Design turned that dream into a defined vision.

Cornerstone school is ready for the next step. Please help them build it.

For information on how to be part of Cornerstone's Garden please contact:
Joan Segerson
Director of Development
Cornerstone School, Cranston Arc
401.942.2388 or

Design Team

Inclusion By Design LLC
Rosanne Ramos
Sarah Kirk
Rachel Gottlieb

Patty Krakowsky, Director, Cornerstone School
Joan Segerson, Cornerstone School, Cranston Arc
Sensory Garden Committee

Thanks to Stephen T. Haun Inc. for cost estimating