Kyle Page

East Providence, RI

Custom AT Design & Product Development

Our work with Kyle originated with a remodel of a TDX5 power-chair to accommodate Kyle's and his caregivers' specific lifestyle needs in both the home and school environment. Our human-centered design process resulted in creative, low-tech design solutions that balance function, style, usability and cost. The range of perspectives and expertise from collaborating team members (AT users, family caregiver, occupational therapist, design firm, and fabricator), raise-the-bar for Assistive Technology product standards, and exemplifies the value of a human-centered design approach.

Inclusion By Design continues work on Kyle's chair and his other assistive technolgies, enabling him and his caregivers. Our long term relationship with Kyle has provided us with an opportunity to  observe our designs under high-use, monitor fabrication durability, and improve on the details.

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To listen to a Podcast (audio interview) regarding our first project with Kyle, entitled Kyle's Chair: A Model for Human-Centered Powerchair Design, recorded at New England TechAccess, click here.

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