St. Paul Lutheran Church

Byram, CT

Master Plan for Capital Improvement & Accessibility*

2006                  Experience Analysis / Master Planning

St. Paul Lutheran Church is a community ministry interested in accommodating the evolving needs of its congregation, whose average age is 62. The congregation is also developing new relationships within the Byram community which will require more efficient and flexible use of the ministry’s existing facilities.

The 1.7 acre property is home to the church’s main sanctuary, fellowship Hall, education wing, storage garages, barn, garden, playground, and two parsonages. To access the main facilities, parishioners currently use any one of seven different entrances located on one of the four split levels. This situation is confusing for most new visitors and inaccessible for many people.

The Master Plan is a result of user input collected through written surveys, community dialogues, and brainstorming sessions with congregation members and community organizations who use the facilities regularly. This inclusive process established ownership by all stakeholders and led to a shared decision making process.

The Master Plan reinforces the existing architectural design, enhances the visitor’s experience, optimizes interior and exterior access, develops strategies for maximum use of space, creates a strong visual presence on its two street fronts, and encompasses future programmatic goals.

Phased Design Development and Construction is scheduled over the next 3 - 4 years.