Providence Place Mall Parking Garage

Providence, RI

Implementation of Central Cashiering System

Inclusion By Design and LOCAL Architecture Research Design lead design of the PPG’s first phase of its Garage Experience Improvement Plan, implementation of a central cashiering system aimed to provide a more efficient parking payment and exiting procedure. Directional, location and information signage for the new pay stations and cashier kiosks assist visitors with wayfinding, as did new behavior messaging and marketing collateral during the system launch in 2008. Simplified graphics for ticket spitters, pay stations and exit machines reflect PPG’s user-friendly focus, employing customer-centric language, consistent messaging, and custom artwork. 

The family of graphic components designed for the system and machine interface layout were in response to existing patron behavior, ethnographic research of other central cashiering systems at other garage locations, and internal prototype testing.

The precursor to this project was a comprehensive evaluation and needs assessment regarding the garage experience for both pedestrians and drivers. A description of this project can be found under Client List: Providence Place Mall Parking Garage.