Travel & Hospitality

We partner with business owners, developers, individuals, travel and hospitality industries, and governmental agencies of destination communtiies looking to invest in sustainable tourism to expand, strengthen and respond to the growing baby boomers, persons with disabilities and senior markets.

A 2002 study of the spending trends of adults with disabilities in the United States, sponsored by the Open Doors Organization (ODO), quantified the amount that this population spends annually on travel at approximately $13.6 billion. The report from that study also suggested that this amount could easily double with a little effort at readily achievable barrier removal, both physical barriers and problems with customer service. For example, among those adults with disabilities who have traveled by air more than 80% reported that they met both physical barriers and obstacles in dealing with personel before even leaving the airport. The information in this report was corroborated by a follow-up study in February of 2005.

Any community whose economy depends, even in part, on tourism and the hospitality industry and is looking to grow and sustain that economy, should be looking for ways to serve this population. It was estimated that, in the two years leading up to the 2005 study, more than 21 million American adults with disabilities traveled for pleasure or business. Add to that demographic the aging population and the population of families traveling with children and you reveal a large, under served and relatively excluded group of travelers.

Starting with a survey of existing conditions and opportunities and a presentation of both readily achievable and longer term goals, we will bring our experience and knowledge of the needs of people with disabilities and the aging population and our expertise in User-Centric, Universal Design to the process of building buy-in across governmental, commercial and private partners, strategizing a master plan and implementing the creation of an inclusive destination.


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