Aging In Place

People of all ages and abilities cherish their ability to live independently. Inclusion By Design is working to enable clients to age in place by creating innovative individualized solutions that improve comfort, accessibility and safety in their homes without sacrificing choice, aesthetics or style.

We recognize that to achieve sustainable accessible solutions one must consider multiple scenarios within the home, including planning for the possibility of a caregiver being integrated into one's lifestyle. We approach each project on an individual basis, going into a client’s home, fully assessing their current living situation and future expectations, and then proposing a range of solutions for consideration. The end result is an attractive update to the client’s familiar surroundings that promotes independence and accommodates any assistive technologies that add to the quality of life.

We pride ourselves on working closely with homeowners to plan wisely by presenting several workable options and then running each option through a series of  ‘use’ scenarios. This planning process enables you to imagine how a space or product will perform, which in-turn maximizes opportunities for practical high-impact design solutions, lessens surprises and ensures that the final product meets your expectations.


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