Housing / Residential

Whether you are investing in the value of your property through new construction or renovation, or you need to improve accessibility in response to changes in ability due to aging, illness or injury, your project will benefit greatly from the Inclusive Design process.

We understand the process of designing and building comfort, function and safety into your property and the importance of maintaining the aesthetic that makes that property your home. Our goal and our expertise is to seamlessly integrate up-to-date building techniques and appropriate assistive technologies into your residence without compromising style and taste.

We work closely with you to evaluate present and future lifestyle preferences and needs, explore appropriate design options and to create and implement the most satisfying design solution for your individual situation. We know that one size does not fit all. Our user-centric design process will guarantee a design solution specific to your tastes, needs and desires.

In addition to assessment and design services, we are able to provide you with full construction oversight services that will assist you with contractor selection and the bid process, provide close observation of construction to ensure that design documents are accurately followed, answer contractor questions and provide supplemental information as needed, assist with on-site decisions and changes if needed and to facilitate communication between you, the homeowner, and the contractor, sub-contractor or other party. Our construction oversight assistance will help you ensure that your project is completed on schedule, budget and as designed, and provide you with a satisfying experience as well as a pleasing product.

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